Initial Considerations in Divorce


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Pre-Divorce Initial Considerations

Read our realistic introduction to divorce. Learn how to make the process easier, maintain stability, and minimize problems for getting through your divorce. Learn how to avoid common mistakes and deal with challenges.

When You Realize Divorce is Imminent

When thoughts or mere mention of the word "divorce" first comes up in a marriage, it's a very bad sign. Chances are, you have had problems for quite a while and feel like you've tried everything to make it work. You wish everything would be like it used to be . . . like when you got married and thought your future was going to be wonderful. The reality is that things did not turn out the way you expected, and now you need to make a serious decision about your marriage.

Certainly, as compassionate people we believe it would be great if you could find a magic cure to heal your marriage. Almost every divorce client with whom we work is struggling with uncertainty, doubt, anxiety and regret. Even if you know divorce is the only realistic option it's a tough call to make. As your divorce lawyer, we can offer you advice on what to do, share with you observations on how your life will change, and work to get you through the legal side of divorce.

Almost every divorce involves heated arguments, strong negative emotions, and numerous other interpersonal challenges. Many people, driven by raw emotions, engage in pointless bickering instead of negotiating to make the best of a bad situation.

One of the best things about hiring our law firm is that we can buffer you from a lot of the things that cause negative emotions to escalate. We can also give you sound advice to help you avoid common mistakes that give your spouse the upper-hand.

Lower Stress & Lower Costs

We strive for a low-conflict approach to settling matters of property division, child custody, visitation, and support payments. With a reasonable opposing divorce lawyer we can affect an lower cost of divorce and equitable divorce settlement. Heated arguing is negative and non-productive effort that increase stress and drives up legal fees. Let us show you a better way to get a divorce.

If you're marriage is struggling, even if you've not decided to get a divorce, you should at least get answers to your questions. Bring us your story and we can help you determine what is right for you. We invite you to call a compassionate divorce lawyer to know what to expect in a divorce in Georgia.