How To Get A Temporary Protective Order in Georgia

How To Get A Temporary Protective Order in Georgia

How to Get a TPO in Georgia

A temporary protective order is a solid first step toward protecting yourself and your family. Whether you have obtained a stalker or you have to safeguard you or your kids from a dangerous ex-spouse or relative, restraining orders are a legal way of telling someone to “stay away.”

What is a Temporary Protective Order?

In Georgia, a Temporary Protective Order (TPO), is what is commonly referred to as a restraining order. A TPO can be issued by the court to order a person to either do or not do certain things. This can be anything from telling homeowners to keep the sound to a minimum to prevent harassers from harassing. If you’re in a life-threatening situation a judge may use restraining orders to prohibit violent people from calling or being near you.

When Should I Get a TPO?

So far as civil cases proceed, obtaining a restraining order might be a part of a divorce agreement. If your health or livelihood is jeopardized by someone else’s actions, it might be a fantastic idea to get one ASAP. Visit this website to learn more about getting TPO in Cherokee County GA.

With violence towards you or your kids (record conversations or catch a video of these acts) a restraining order can prohibit your partner or spouse from communicating with you in almost any manner. Restraining orders can motivate them to move out, if you are still living with them. You can request an emergency restraining order if you are in risk of violence.

Fight Emotional Abuse and Terror

Restraining orders are available because of emotional abuse too. Threatened injury, either from somebody who you know or even a stalker, is deemed psychological abuse — particularly when it prevents you from your daily routine or your ability to perform your work. The restraining order typically restricts all forms of communication between you and the alleged offender.

How To Get a Restraining Order?

If you are a victim or potential victim, then you have to apply for a restraining order in front of a judge. You have to convince the judge that it is essential to stop the person from continuing or preventing imminent harm. With a domestic violence situation, the judge could issue a temporary order within 24 hours. The papers will be served by county Cheriff’s Department deputies to the alleged offender.

After the Court Order has been served to the alleged offender it immediately goes into effect. Any violation of the restraining order is a crime and the violator can be arrested and charged for breaking the order.