What’s Probable Cause?

You have most likely heard about probable cause from an officer or a TV show, and it is often confused with reasonable suspicion. Knowing the difference can result in you possibly dismissing your case with no charges. Probable cause is when an officer, based off their knowledge of the facts, has a reasonable amount of … Read more

Breaking Down Murder vs. Manslaughter

Killing another person has many different names. Depending on how it is labeled, the penalty can be severe, which is why it is important to hire a reputable attorney. Manslaughter is similar to murder because it is the unlawful killing of another individual. The difference is manslaughter is not intending to kill another person. The … Read more

Child Support Basics in Georgia

What is Child Support? Child support is the result of a relationship or a marriage ending when one parent has to make payments to the other party on a regular basis. The payment is to help the custodial parent financially in regards to taking care of their child. Even if their is joint custody of … Read more

Terms You Need To Know About Child Visitation In Georgia

Best Interest of the Child The context of which visitation rights are decided Grandparent Visitation Visitation awarded to the grandparents that doesn’t interfere¬†with the parent child relationship Guardian ad Litem A third party evaluator who determines the details of the relationships between the child and each parent Legitimate¬†Acknowledgment Process of the father of the child … Read more

Just What Does a Georgia Grand Jury Do

Grand jury proceedings in Georgia are used for capital cases, which involve crimes like murder, rape, or kidnapping. In order to get an indictment prosecutors have to present the case in front of a grand jury. In Georgia, this is consists of 16-23 jurors randomly selected citizens within the county where the crime is being … Read more