Cyber Stalking

Cyber Stalking

Internet stalking, also termed cyberstalking, occurs when someone uses the internet to harass, threaten, otherwise terrorize someone with the purpose of making them feel intimidated, scared, or fearful of some form of harm.

What is Internet Stalking?

Internet stalking, unlike physically following someone, happens when a person uses electronic means of communication to maintain an ominous presence in someone's life.

Cyberstalking includes harassing use of phones, email, text messages, and related means of contact. Internet stalking typically includes charges of cyber bullying - all of which are crimes that can land you in jail.

Examples of Cyberstalking

  • Sending unwanted and harassing text messages and emails.
  • Repeatedly calling someones phone, even if no words are spoken.
  • Following people on social media to track their activities.

While obsessive, negative contact is in itself very questionable, if a person communicates to you to leave them alone you should heed the warning. Continuing to invade a person's privacy or otherwise maintain an unwanted presence is begging for legal action.

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