Strategy and Planning

Strategy and Planning

Although no two cases are the same, every defense case requires a similar process to develop a defense strategy and manage the case. The cost for a criminal defense lawyer includes a lot of expenses for the lawyer, paralegals, clerks, investigators, reports, and administrative overhead. The following is an overview of the work involved in a typical case.

Initial Consulation: The criminal defense lawyer meets with the potential client to discuss the case, learn about facts, answer questions, and discuss potential outcomes and costs. If the potential client decides to move forward there will be minor paperwork and a provide a retainer (fund) from which hourly billing will be drawn.

There may be a need for other meetings, and phone or email requests, to gather additional information, discuss case status, and schedule meetings, hearings, or court appearances.

Case Evaluation: The criminal defense team (lawyers and staff) have meetings to review and analyze the facts of the case, evidence and potential witnesses. This includes information obtained through discovery. Based on the circumstances and with the advantage of decades of defense experience the team will develop the defense strategy.

Along the way, the defense law firm will maintain contact with the client to discuss the case, developments, progress, next steps, and developing outcomes.

Lawyer-Prosecutor Communication: The defense lawyer will have conversation with the prosecutor to discuss the case. Depending on the amount of evidence and strength of the case, the lawyer may advocate for charges to be dropped, reduced to a lesser charge, seek to negotiate a plea bargain. If these efforts fail the case will move to trial and the defense lawyer will prepare for a bench trial or jury trial.

Sentencing & Punishment: If the client chooses to plead guilty, the case is resolved by a plea bargain, or a guilty verdict is obtained in court, the next step is sentencing. The criminal defense lawyer will advocate for the most lenient sentence and punishments available under State laws.

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