Modification of Alimony Payments

Modification of Alimony Payments

Alimony Modification

Yes, it is possible to modify alimony in Georgia. At the time of your divorce, the court set the order for alimony based on the financial circumstances of both parties. Moving forward, financial circumstances usually change, and sometimes in a negative direction. When alimony payments become somewhat of a hardship it may be prudent to change the amount of the alimony obligation.

Reasons for Changing Alimony

Obviously, a significant negative change in income is the common driving force in filing for alimony modification. For a modification request to get serious consideration you will need to provide reasons (justification) for making changes to the amount of alimony ordered by the court. People seeking a reduction of alimony payment amounts often cite these reasons:

  • Facing unexpected, new, extraordinary expenses
  • Forced pay reduction / Loss of income
  • Loss of job / failed
  • Disability making it impossible to earn a living

Additionally, the court needs to know about factors of the situation. Specifically, the court is interested to know if the change was unavoidable, unexpected, or outside of your control. The court will usually want to know if the condition is expected to be more of a permanent situation.

Cohabitation or Remarriage

Cohabitation: A person paying alimony may pursue a modification of alimony if they can prove the existence of a living arrangement that may be considered cohabitation.

Remarriage: If the person receiving alimony gets remarried the paying party is no longer required to pay alimony.