Duration of Child Support

Duration of Child Support

Child Support Duration

How long is child support required? This is a common question asked by divorcing parties. Generally, child support payments are to made monthly until a child reaches 18 years of age. A divorce settlement agreement can be written to set a unique set of requirements concerning the duration of child support.

When Does Child Support Stop in Georgia

In Georgia, the requirement to pay child support payments can end when any of the following circumstances exists:

  • Death: when any child(ren) die.
  • Adulthood: When any child(ren) reach 18 years of age and graduates from high school.
  • Emancipation: for any child(ren) becoming legally emancipated.

How to Legally End Child Support in Georgia

Court orders are considered to be in effect until it is vacated, or reaches a defined condition such as a set expiration date.

Examples of Extended Child Support

In certain situations it may be prudent to sculpt the obligation of child support payments to accommodate unique circumstances. If a child has extreme physical conditions that require special lifetime care, both parents may need to share the costs involved.

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