Hidden or Undisclosed Assets

Hidden or Undisclosed Assets

Hidden & Undisclosed Assets

In Georgia, in a divorce proceeding involving alimony, spousal support, or other financial aspects, both parties must disclose all finances & assets for fair divorce judgement. Failure to hide or not disclose assets is somewhat common, and a problem for those doing it. As your divorce lawyers, we can take steps to uncover assets and holdings that can give you a better result in your divorce. Here's just part of what we can do to uncover hidden and undisclosed assets:

Forensic Accountants

If you suspect that your spouse is hiding assets or has failed to disclose them, attorneys can in many cases make that determination through the discovery process. If this continues to be a concern for you, your attorney can bring in an expert to work on this issue. This person is a called a forensic accountant and they will analyze all financial data to determine if there are any hidden assets or income. The forensic accountant’s analysis is admissible in court as proof to deception of net worth.

Expert Appraisers

If you suspect your spouse is valuing an asset improperly, your attorney can bring in an appraiser to obtain a fair market value of an asset. There are other specialists that can be retained that specialize in determining the proper value of businesses, pension plans, retirement accounts, and all other financial concerns.