Contested vs Uncontested Adoptions

Contested vs Uncontested Adoptions

Contested vs. Uncontested Adoption

Adoption requirements in Georgia typically mandate the consent of both birth-parents. This of course assumes both birth-parents are alive and available to consent.

Uncontested Adoption

An uncontested adoption is one in which both birth-parents freely consent to an adoption of their child(ren). This is the easiest form of adoption. The uncontested adoption process is basically preparing legal paperwork and obtaining signature approval of both parents.

Contested Adoption

A contested adoption is one in which one or both birth-parents object to the adoption of their child(ren). A contested adoption typically requires litigation including involvement of an adoption court. Contested adoptions are often done where the safety and welfare of children is in jeopardy. A contested adoption can place the children with relatives instead of placing them in foster care.

All adoptions in Georgia are a legal process which move through the family courts. Adoptions require nothing short of perfection in preparing and filing the proper documents. Our law firm can guide you through the process including answering questions, handling paperwork, and court representation when necessary. Our services can help you with any facet of the adoption process in Georgia.