Father's Rights to a Child Born Out of Wedlock

Father's Rights to a Child Born Out of Wedlock

Father's Rights in Georgia

In Georgia, there are no guaranteed "Father's Rights" regarding children born outside of wedlock. When a child is born outside of a legal marriage, the mother has sole legal and physical custody of the child. Georgia does not recognize what is commonly called a common law marriage or other forms deemed to reflect a "committed relationship" ).

A father not married to the birth mother will need the services of a family law attorney to file a Legitimation Petition with a family law court. This petition, if successful, can secure a father's legal rights towards visitation, custody, and meaningful involvement in the life of a child.

Why Pursue Father's Rights

The top reasons to establish father's rights are:

  • A child deserves to have a good father involved in their life.
  • It establishes a father's right to petition for visitation, custody, and other aspects of being actively involved in the child's life.
  • It empowers the biological father to have a voice in how the child is raised, make medical decisions, and otherwise protect the.
  • It establishes a legal basis for a child to benefit from inheritance claims.

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