Basics of Getting Divorced in Georgia

Basics of Getting Divorced in Georgia

Introduction of No-Fault Divorce in Georgia

No-Fault Divorce

All states have special requirements for getting divorced. Georgia’s laws enable “no-fault” reasons for getting a divorce. Of course, there are other premises for separating such as adultery, abuse, etc. However, one partner doesn’t have to be at fault for the failed marriage. One partner has to have been a member for at least six months before filing for divorce.

Residency Requirement

If one of the partners has been a resident then they can file for a divorce in Georgia. The other partner who has not been a resident will not file. No party is better off for filing for the divorce. Most divorces will have consented to a divorce before the papers have been filed. After filing a 30 day period must pass before a decision is granted. Once a decision has been reached the non filing partner will receive documents.

Most common type of divorce is a no-fault divorce. This is the fastest way to get divorced. Other kinds of divorced which require legal justification for divorce end up taking longer to process. Each partner is required to provide their evidence suggesting fault in the divorce.

So for a no fault divorce, the spouse who is filing needs to reveal there has been an irretrievable breakdown in the marriage for which the two partners cannot reconcile.

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