Defenses to Drug Crimes

Defenses to Drug Crimes

Drug Defense Strategies

Anyone arrested and charged with a drug crime needs to hire an experienced drug crimes lawyer.

Common Drug Charge Defenses

Experienced drug charges defense lawyers create a customized strategy that challenges and discredits the prosecutors case. This is done by using considering existing case law and how it applies to the facts of the case. Below are five common starting places to develop a drug charge defense:

  • Was there probable cause for a search?
  • Was the accused actually in possession of the substance
  • Was there an error in substance or drug identification?
  • Was this a case of entrapment?
  • Unfortunate misunderstanding. This could apply is a person is caught with a legally acquired prescription substance that was not in its original dispensary container.

How Aggressively Will the Case be Prosecuted?

Any defense strategy has to match or exceed the ferocity of the prosecutors strategy and tactics. There is a huge difference in the attitude of the prosecutor for a charge of minor possession of marijuana vs drug trafficking, cultivation, and manufacturing.

The Nature of the Charges

The nature of the charges and where the case will be prosecuted are extremely critical factors in developing a drug charges defense. Drug charges can be misdemeanor or felony crimes, they can be local, State, or Federal charges brought by the FBI, DEA, or ATF.

Other circumstances can make a case easier or more difficult. Is the case a single charge or multiple charges? Is the accused a first offender or a repeat offender? Are other people (conspirators) involved?

Developing an effective drug charges defense is absolutely critical to be found not-guilty or minimize the punishments of a conviction. If you have been arrested or formally charged with a drug related crime you need to hire an expert drug charges defense lawyer. Call us at 770-956-1400 to arrange time to discuss your situation and get answers to your questions.