Drug Related Objects

Drug Related Objects

Prescription Drug Charges

In the midst of a nationwide opioid drug crisis, courts don’t look leniently on those whom they believe are using medicines illegally. Those who face prescription drug charges stand to spend many years in prison. If they run businesses, the consequences can affect entire communities.

Although there are many reasons to fight the prescription drug epidemic, the authorities don’t always handle cases in ways that benefit society at large. Our criminal defense attorneys work diligently to help you fight prescription drug charges.

How Do Prescription Drug Charges Work?

Like many other criminal allegations, drug charges rarely manifest alone. More often than not, they’re paired with other criminal charges related to acts that wouldn’t normally be illegal. For instance, a prosecutor may, in addition to a prescription drug charge, accuse you of:

  • Using a communications system in the commission of a crime because you discussed your actions over the phone
  • Engaging in a conspiracy because you talked about your plans with a friend
  • Committing specified unlawful activities, or SUAs, with financial instruments, such as currency or bitcoins, which might lead to money laundering or racketeering charges

Prosecutors might also charge you with serious offenses for actions that you took while using a drug. Although such allegations are often designed to force you to turn over information, they don’t address problems like the fact that you may suffer from addiction and be in need of help. Our drug charge lawyers represent you aggressively to get your charges dismissed or minimized so you can access the resources you need to move beyond this ordeal.

Drug Charges Shouldn’t Ruin Your Life

Being accused or convicted of a drug crime could make it hard to maintain relationships and provide for your family. Many people find it almost impossible to secure employment, and getting caught up in the Georgia criminal justice system can saddle you with lasting debt.

If you have been arrested or formally charged with a drug related crime you need to hire an expert drug charges defense lawyer. Call us at 770-956-1400 to arrange time to discuss your situation and get answers to your questions.