Expungement & Record Restriction

Record Expungement

Expungement and Record Restriction

Having a criminal record can adversely affect your future. Such a record can prevent you from obtaining some jobs or entering certain professions. It can keep you out of some institutions of higher learning. A criminal record can also be a constant reminder of a mistake that happened long ago.

While actual physical destruction of a criminal record is not possible in Georgia, some people can sharply restrict access to their criminal records. When records are restricted in this way, people outside the criminal justice system (such as prospective employers, colleges and landlords) cannot gain access to that information.

At Burns Smith Law, PC, in Canton, we help people protect their reputations and preserve their career options by obtaining record restrictions. If you are eligible for record restriction, we can help you obtain it for an affordable fee.

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Expungement — What Is and Is Not Possible

Were you arrested for a crime but never convicted? It may be possible for you to get your record expunged (restricted). You may be eligible if:

  • You successfully completed a First Offender program.
  • You successfully completed a diversion or conditional discharge program.
  • The prosecutor declined to prosecute you after your arrest.
  • Your case was dismissed before you went to trial.
  • You were found not guilty at trial.

There are numerous other conditions governing expungement and criminal record restriction. In a consultation, a lawyer at Burns Smith Law, PC, can review your situation and discuss your options.

Consultation With An Attorney

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