Misdemeanor Drug Charges

Misdemeanor Drug Crimes

Misdemeanor Drug Charges in Georgia

Many people consider drug possession or other misdemeanor drug offenses as victimless crimes. But prosecutors in North Georgia disagree. They work tirelessly to obtain convictions for people arrested for possession of marijuana, illegally acquired prescription drugs and other misdemeanors.

If you have been arrested for any drug crime in Cherokee County or surrounding areas, you need strong and effective defense representation as soon as possible. Call Burns Smith Law, PC, today at 770-956-1400 to learn how we can help you.

Experienced Defense Advocates With A Record Of Success

For more than 20 years, the attorneys at Burns Smith Law, PC, in Canton have defended people accused of misdemeanor and felony drug crimes. During this time, we have obtained numerous dismissals of charges and acquittals for our clients.

When defending you, we will attack the prosecutor’s case with every means at our disposal. Whenever possible, we will seek to suppress evidence that was obtained illegally. We will work tenaciously to defend your rights and freedom at all stages of the legal process.

Are You Eligible For A Conditional Discharge?

Many people charged with misdemeanor drug crimes in Georgia can qualify for a conditional discharge. With a conditional discharge, you plead guilty to the charge, but the conviction is held in abeyance pending your completion of the program. This could include drug treatment or counseling in addition to community service. When you successfully complete the program, the conviction is stricken from your record. We may even be able to expunge information relating to your arrest and the conditional discharge.

If you have been arrested or formally charged with a drug related crime you need to hire an expert drug charges defense lawyer. Call us at 770-956-1400 to arrange time to discuss your situation and get answers to your questions.