Strategy and Planning

Strategy and Planning

Planning Your Divorce Strategy

Our divorce lawyers will review all aspects of your case with you at the outset of the case. We will ensure that each area of concern is properly addressed by discussing different approaches with you which will help you be fully informed on how the process works and what all your options are. During our meetings we will formulate a plan for your case.

The plan in your case will be unique to the facts and circumstances you face. We will review child custody and support issues, if they are present. We can evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of your ideas. We will focus on financial issues that must be addressed, including a division of assets and debts or alimony considerations. Timelines, expectations, budgets, concerns, and costs are discussed. Together we will develop the best plan for moving forward under your circumstances. If you do not currently possess the information to formulate a plan, we certainly know how to get it. These meetings will establish a confidence as we move forward.

Understand that many cases are not litigated in a courtroom. We are skilled at negotiation and will make efforts to obtain the results you desire without having the stress and expense that can be involved in litigation. Most cases are required to mediate prior to a final trial. You are not required to settle your case at mediation; however, we have a high success rate. In the event your case does not settle at mediation, you will have full confidence in your team’s readiness and ability to litigate before the judge assigned to your case.

Please remember that no two cases are alike. Each case will be evaluated taking into consideration the unique characteristics of our client and their circumstances. We will proceed accordingly to ensure that right path is identified for your case.