Defending an Action of a Grandparent

Defending an Action of a Grandparent

Defending Grandparent Actions

Sometimes it is necessary to hire a family law attorney to establish or enforce visitation rights. It's not uncommon for families to have situations that position parents and grandparents in conflict with each other. Occasionally, the disagreement is so extreme the parents attempt to defy court orders regarding grandparent visitation rights. If you are in this situation, we can help you.

While no two situations are totally alike, grandparents do have certain legal rights regarding visitation. It's common for parents to push back on attempts to override their stance against visitation. Sometimes being successful requires mediation or more direct involvement of the courts.

Parent vs. Grandparent Rights

Family court judges generally protect the rights of parents, with specific regard to their beliefs in raising their children. However, courts also recognize that grandparents have a vested interest in being a part of the lives of their grandchildren.

There are a number of circumstances that can bolster your efforts to secure visitation, and possibly custody. We invite you to contact our family law attorneys to learn more about your legal options. Give us a call at 770-956-1400.