How Do Grandparents Initiate an Action for Visitation?

How Do Grandparents Initiate an Action for Visitation

Grandparents' Legal Options

Grandparents Rights is a legitimate thing. It's certainly normal to support the belief that parents should have full rights to make decisions about their children's lives. However, sometimes parents fail to do act in the best interests of their children. When this is the case, it may be prudent for grandparents to intervene to protect their grandchildren.

It may also be necessary to take legal action if you, as grandparents, are denied reasonable ability to spend time with your grandchildren.

Visitation Conflicts

For any number of reasons, some parent's try to block grandparents from seeing their grandchildren. Unless the reason is something legitimate such as abuse or unsavory experiences, grandparents can easily fight for visitation with their grandchildren.

Protecting Grandchildren

Are your grandchildren in a bad environment and dealing with suspected neglect, sexual, physical abuse, or living with substance abusing parents? Have you seen signs of trouble or suspect something bad is going on? Often, deep down inside, grandparents know when something just isn't right.

Should You Take Action?

Contemplating taking action can generate a lot of mixed feelings. On one hand you may think it's not your place to judge, while on the other hand it's bad to knowingly leave your grandchildren in a toxic situation.

There are a number of possible remedies that, with some legal intervention, can be brought to resolve the matter. What matters most is getting help for everyone suffering in this type of situation.

Are you having visitation problems or worried about your grandchildren? Don't be hesitant to reach out to our family law attorneys for a confidential meeting. Some things are well worth fighting for, and certainly this includes your grandchildren.

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