Traffic Citation and My Record

Traffic Citation and My Record

Driving Record

Having a driver's license is a privilege, not a right. Accordingly, being cited for traffic offenses can have troubling consequences. Firstly, there are several ways that your driver's license can be suspended or privileges temporarily revoked. Second, traffic tickets involve fines and can make your vehicle insurance rates skyrocket.

The best thing any driver can do is obey traffic laws and avoid getting tickets. If you do receive a citation that you believe is undeserved you may want to consider hiring a lawyer to fight it.

The Point System

Being cited for a traffic offense will become part of your official State driving record. Most citations, covered by the Points Schedule, adds points to your driving record. If you accumulate 15 or more points within a 24-month period your license will be suspended.

People below 18 years old that accumulate 4 or more points is a 12-month period will have their license suspended. This suspension lasts for 6 months. Additionally, a juvenile may be required to attend and complete a defensive driving course.

A DUI conviction does not add any points to yor license, however; it results in immediate suspension of your license.

Our lawyers can help you fight any local or state traffic ticket. Is it worth the cost to hire a lawyer? It depends on the nature of the ticket and you license needs. Here are a few reasons it's worth the cost to hire a traffic ticket lawyer:

  • You have a CDL and your job may be at risk
  • Your ticket will spike your monthly car insurance rates
  • Your ticket is expensive and adds multiple points to your record
  • You're a juvenile and could lose your driver's license
  • Like it or not, with a ticket on your record police will probably treat you differently than if you had a clean driving record.

If you have been cited for a traffic offense you can to hire a traffic ticket lawyer to fight it. Call us at 77-956-1400 to arrange time to discuss your situation and get answers to your questions.