What Will This Ticket Do to My Insurance?

What Will This Ticket Do to My Insurance?

Traffic Ticket Insurance Increases

Fact, traffic tickets have costly fines, but they can also cause insurance rate increases. Drivers with current traffic tickets on their record, or accidents, are considered high risk customers.

If you have been issued a traffic offense citation you may benefit from hiring a traffic ticket lawyer to fight the ticket.

How Much Will My Insurance Increase?

Per the NerdWallet.com website, "NerdWallet compared rates across the country for a hypothetical 35-year-old driver ticketed for going 16 mph over the speed limit. Our analysis found that car insurance typically goes up about 25% after a speeding ticket. On average, a driver convicted of speeding will pay $2,043 a year for full coverage insurance — $413 more than a driver with a clean record.".

This same website identifies the average car insurance rate for full coverage in Georgia after a speeding ticket. Their information says that a driver with a clean record will pay $417 and the average rate after a speeding ticket is $2,116.

How Long Do Price Increase Last?

Insurance companies usually factor traffic violations into your insurance premium costs for three years after the infraction. Additionally, other driving-related circumstances can negatively impact vehicle insurance rates for a longer period of time. A DUI, hit-and-run, reckless driving and more can make your insurance almost no longer afffordable.

While violations often no longer count after three years, drivers usually aren’t eligible for “good driver” discounts, which can further lower rates, until they’ve been violation-free for five years.

If you have been ticketed you need should consider hiring a traffic ticket lawyer. Call us at 770-956-1400 to arrange time to discuss your situation and get answers to your questions.