DUI Defenses

DUI Defenses

DUI Defense Strategies

Every DUI arrest has it's own unique set of circumstances. This means that every DUI defense strategy has to be developed to fit the situation. The best DUI defense opportunities exist within faulty police work, prosecutorial misconduct, and the good fortune of an open-minded jury.

5 Examples of DUI Defense Strategies

  • Your BAC unknowingly spiked while you were driving
  • The police failed to follow proper procedure
  • The accuracy of field sobriety testing is questionable
  • The breathalyzer read alcohol in your mouth not in your blood
  • Normal driving imperfections are not justification for a traffic stop

There is an unlimited number of ways to fight a DUI arrest. With well over 25 years of defense services we've become experts at defending clients - even those with a challenging set of circumstances.

If you have been arrested for DUI in Georgia, we encourage you to call us at 770-956-1400. Let our DUI lawyers answer your questions and collaborate on your case to find the best possible way out of the situation.