Field Testing for DUI

Field Testing for DUI

DUI Field Test

With proper cause or suspicion, a police officer can initiate a traffic stop to investigate a probable DUI. As part of the DUI traffic stop, a police officer may direct the driver to submit to field sobriety tests. Although the police have the right to do field sobriety tests, any resulting opinions can be disputed by your DUI lawyers.

The officer's judgment from field tests are highly subjective. This makes every roadside test subject to critical evaluation and scrutiny. As your DUI lawyer, you can have total confidence that we will question and challenge every aspect of the prosecutions case.

Refusal to Submit to Field Sobriety Tests

Field sobriety tests focus on observable physical difficulties such as problems maintaining balance, inability to focus eyes, slurring of speech, or similar unusual behaviors.

You can refuse to any field sobriety testing. While refusing to submit to field sobriety tests may ultimately help your case, you can still be arrested. Additionally, as a violation of Georgia's implied consent requirement you are at risk of having your driver's license suspended. This includes refusing to take a breathalyzer, blood test, chemical urine test, or roadside tests.

How We Can Help You

Our DUI lawyers can first fight for you to keep your driver's license. Next, we can fight to have DUI charges, dropped, reduced to a lesser charge, or minimize the fallout from a misdemeanor DUI arrest.