Guilty Beyond a Reasonable Doubt?

Reasonable Doubt

What is Reasonable Doubt

Reasonable Doubt is legal standard of proof that a prosecutorial team must meet or surpass in order to rightfully achieve a guilty verdict. The standard is that a person must be proven beyond a reasonable doubt that they are guilty of the charges brought forth by the prosecution.

Demonstrating Reasonable Doubt to a Jury

If a juror has a feeling that the defendant is guilty they need to be convinced that the accused is not guilty. Unless there is overwhelming evidence, such as video evidence, an experienced defense lawyer will apply a persuasive argument to counter claims by the prosecution.

Whether it is opening the minds of the jurors to change their perspective, disproving prosecution assertions, or introducing new evidence your lawyer fights to break apart the prosecutions strategy.

Often, a defense lawyer (and sometimes the judge) has to remind the jury that their job is to weight the evidence, ignore personal bias, or outside influence in order to give the accused a fair trial.

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