Child Support Modification

Child Support Modification

Child Support Modifications

A child support order is subject to modification provided a party can show a material change in circumstances that warrant it. Under Georgia law, a family court judge can amend the order to increase, decrease, or end child support.

Informal Agreements concerning child support are not legally binding. Even if your spouse verbally agrees to lower child support payments, for any reason, the court will not recognize that verbal agreement. Only a formal modification can lower or end payments and protect you from contempt actions.

Causes for Lowering Child Support

The most common reason for a child support modification is to lower payments, typically from a significant negative change in income. If this is the case, you will need to prove that your income is substantially lower, the reason for the change was not voluntary, and the change appears to be of a permanent nature (i.e., not just a seasonal issue).

Ending Child Support

Regardless of what you read online about when child support obligations end, a child support order does not officially end just because child turns 18 years of age and graduates high school. If you believe your obligation to pay child support has ended you should protect yourself legally by filing a support modification to end court ordered child support.

Payments in Addition to Child Support

Even if you file a motion to end child support you may still be responsible for paying all or part of other expenses for your child(ren). You may still obligated to pay college expenses, help with medical or insurance costs, and more. Consulting a family law attorney is your best option to avoid potential costly legal problems.

If you need to file for a modification of child support we invite you to contact a friendly family law attorney for help. Simply call us at 77-956-1400 to arrange a consultation to discuss your situation.