Child Visitation Modifications

Child Visitation Modifications

Child Visitation Modifications

When life circumstances change maybe your parenting plan should also change. Although allowed only once every two years, a child visitation modification can breathe fresh life into what may have become a stale arrangement.

Whether with you or your ex, things such as relocation of residence, personal instability, lifestyle issues, or maybe the desires of your children warrant revisiting the arrangement.

When filing for a modification, you can request multiple types of changes almost to the point of recreating the Parenting Plan.

If you have a child 14 years old or older that wants more time with you, you may want to also seek a custody modification. Maybe it's worth establishing greater standing of grandparent's visitation. Any changes that you believe would improve the situation can be put forward. These types of changes can improve child support payment amounts and the quality of your family life.

Arguing Against Modifications

If you are in the position of facing an unwanted modification action we can represent you to oppose any type of changes to your Parenting Plan. As lawyers we realize there are two sides to every coin, and sometimes a parent seeks modifications for the wrong types of reasons.

If you are thinking about visitation modifications, reach out to a family law attorney to discuss the possibilities. Call us at 770-956-1400.