Accident Defense

Accident Defense

An accidental legal defense is appropriate when a person is accused of committing a criminal act but did so without intent to do so and they were acting in an otherwise legal manner.

Regarding a criminal act, the determination as to whether or not the act was intentional or accidental plays a vital role in being able to end a criminal prosecution. Depending on the circumstances and available evidence, a good defense lawyer may be able to fully clear a person from crimnal charges.

Proving the Matter was Accidental

In order to engage accidental defense to fight charges your defense lawyer needs to be able to prove that:

  • you were acting lawfully at the time of the incident
  • your personal actions were not culpable negligence
  • you had no intent to harm anyone

It is worth mentioning that even if a person is cleared of criminal conduct by reason of the act being accidental, the accused can still be sued in civil court. When hiring a criminal defense attorney for an accidental defense case, a person should ask if the law firm can also assist them in any possible civil lawsuit.

Defense Lawyer in Cherokee County GA

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