Entrapment Defense

Entrapment Defense

Entrapment Defense

Entrapment is a defense strategy to fight criminal charges citing facts that prove a defendant was driven to do such an act because of coercion or intimidation by law enforcement or their agents, further proving that without said influence the act would never have been committed.

Using an Entrapment Defense

An entrapment defense can be successful only when your defense law firm can create reasonable doubt. Specifically, this means establishing substantial doubt that the accused would have had true intent to commit the alleged crime without the direct or indirect pressure of law enforcement or their agents.

A key element that needs to exist for using an entrapment defense is that the alleged entrapment was done by law enforcement or their agents. This means that if the influence or coercion is done by an ordinary person, the claim of entrapment cannot be used.

Types of Cases Where Entrapment Defense Works

Entrapment is most often used to fight victimless crimes such as soliciting prostitution, buying illegal substances, etc.

Types of Cases Where Entrapment Does Not Fit

Defense strategies with an obvious victim, such as a murder or rape victim, rarely would have circumstances that would support entrapment.

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