Coercion Defense

Coercion Defense

Coercion for Defense

Coercion is a defense strategy leveraged when there was a use of threats, violence, or other intimidating behavior to motivate a person to commit criminal acts.

Using Coercion for Defense

Utilizing coercion in a defense strategy relies on an ability to clearly establish a belief that a person committed the alleged crime only because they had a reasonable fear of imminent reprisal if they did not indeed commit the crime. Reprisal can include fear of serious bodily injury or death to themselves or others.

When a defense lawyer opts to use coercion in a defense strategy this infers that the accused acknowledges that they did commit the alleged offenses but did so only for reasons related to self-preservation (necessity), and accordingly should not be found guilty of said offenses.

Duress vs. Necessity

Almost certainly, a prosecutor will counter a defense claim of coercion with the argument of duress vs. necessity. If the accused had the possibility to extricate themselves from the criminal conduct, then they have effectively elected to do the illegality. The defense lawyer must be well-prepared in order to prove coercion.

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